Master Money has worked with all types of clients

We have worked with clients from all career backgrounds including, Civil Service, Education, Entrepreneurship and Law

Our findings show that:

100% of clients found Master Money helpful in putting together a financial plan and strategy

100% of clients found Master Money helpful in learning about investing in stocks and property

75% of clients have started investing in stocks because of Master Money


Civil Servant

“ The coaching I received was really useful as I was able to learn about various methods of investing from the very first session. My coach created a comfortable environment which meant I could ask questions and learn how to make my money go further ”

Shada, Civil Service

Compliance Specialist

“ Master Money coaching helped me feel more confident in developing my investment strategy. Master Money achieved this by allowing me to talk through my ideas with an experienced financial professional ”

Lawrence, Senior RM, Financial Compliance


“ The MM coaching sessions were expertly led by the coach. The focus of the sessions was clear and the breadth and depth of topics covered gave me valuable insight into developing my financial literacy ”

Paul, Assistant Head Teacher
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